Cranham Common Trust (CCT)

Updated December 2020

CCT own most, but not all, of the grassland of Cranham Common plus the village pond.  This is a result of heroic fundraising by many villagers, together with the help of some charitable trusts .A number of other parties also own modest parts of the grassland Common, including the National Trust, The Scout Association, and some neighbouring properties. The CCT has let most of its land to Natural England, who manage the grassland for us on a strict conservation basis. Part of the CCT’s responsibilities are ensuring that Natural England manage the Common in line with the rolling 5 year management agreement contained in NE’s lease. CCT is also responsible for legal matters, rights of way to properties, encroachments on the Common and wayleaves etc.

Cranham Common Trust is run by a board of 9 directors elected by its members for 3 years at the AGM.  The board directors are all volunteers and receive no financial reward.

The Board currently consists of:

  • Peter Elliott       – Chairman
  • Richard Tyson  – Secretary
  • Tom Daltry        – Treasurer
  • Peter Bass
  • Beryl Berry
  • Mike Drake
  • Tim Osbourne
  • Richard Overs

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